Notes on Glassfish exploded deploys vs. JBoss

While in Jboss 4.0.x I'm able to mix exploded and packaged modules in my .ear - Glassfish seems to require either fully exploded or fully packaged. E.g. if I have a packaged ejb module together with an exploded web module in an exploded .ear - this doesn't seem to work with Glassfish.

Another thing is that when having exploded ejb and web (war) modules in glassfish the extension should be _jar and _war rather than .jar and .war - in JBoss dots or _ is irrelevant. What might be confusing is that the reference in application.xml to these modules is still done using dots.

These are my initial experiences from trying to get the lmappletserver-addons-example ( up and running with Glassfish. I've now managed to deploy it - but still there are to many errors to call it a successful deployment - will be back with more info as I make progress...


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